Cloud-Based Clocking In Systems

These systems provide real-time data, allowing managers to monitor attendance

About Us

About Us:

At Facetime Ltd we’ve dedicated over 40 years to perfecting time and attendance solutions. Our mission is to empower businesses to manage their workforce efficiently, ensuring punctuality, productivity, and profitability.

Our Journey:

Founded in 1983, we started as a small family Company with a big vision. Over the years, we’ve grown, innovated, and set industry standards, serving over thousands of businesses throughout the UK.

Why Time and Attendance Systems?

In a world where every minute counts, accurate timekeeping is crucial. Our systems eliminate manual errors, reduce administrative work, and provide real-time insights, ensuring businesses run smoothly and employees are compensated fairly.

Our Solutions:

From basic clunk click clocking in machines to biometric devices to cloud-based software, our comprehensive solutions cater to businesses of all sizes. Integrated with payroll and other HR software, we ensure seamless operations and easy adaptability.

Our Team:

Our expert team, with a combined experience of over 80 years is passionate about creating solutions that make a difference. We believe in continuous learning, innovation, and putting our customers first.


“I found these guys very attentive to detail, they have a positive attitude to problem solving and work hard to get the job done, I’m very pleased with the installation and after sales service – Gareth Stafford-Production Manager – Agrimin

Our Commitment:

At Facetime, we’re not just about selling a product. We’re about creating lasting partnerships, offering unparalleled support, and constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of businesses.”_

Discover the difference a robust time and attendance system can make. Contact us today on 01454 858590 for an online demo. Or email us by clicking on this link Contact Us.

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