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Time Attendance HR Software

Our Time Attendance HR Software Will Help Streamline Workforce Performance Management

Time attendance HR software is a vital tool, to aid your HR team in successfully executing the crucial but often tedious task of workforce management.  Manual processes using paper timesheets and spreadsheets can be frustratingly slow, prone to errors and make it difficult to gain insights. The correct implementation of our time attendance software can help transform and automate this critical HR function.

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The Benefits of Time Attendance HR Software

HR software with robust time and attendance features can provide numerous advantages over manual approaches:

Accurate time tracking – Employees can clock in and out through software on computers or mobile apps. This provides more reliable time data compared to paper sign-in sheets.

Real-time analytics- HR software generates real-time reports and dashboards for better insights into overtime, absenteeism, capacity planning and more.

Leave management – Streamline leave requests, approval workflows and keep track of paid time-off balances.

Payroll integration – Seamlessly integrate hours tracked with your payroll system for faster, more accurate payroll.

Compliance – Comply with labor regulations around meal breaks, rest periods, overtime pay and more.

Productivity monitoring- Track employee productivity through time tracking and productivity metrics.

Access control – Set permissions and access rights to maintain security and privacy.

Key Time and Attendance HR Software Features to Look For

When evaluating time attendance HR software modules, key features to look for include:

  • Multiple ways to track time – Apps, web clock-in, fingerprint scans, face recognition and more.
  • OT and shift management – Configure complex rules around overtime, shifts and time off.
  • Scheduling – Create schedules and assign shifts for teams and individuals.
  • Geofencing – Require clock-in from specified locations through GPS tracking.
  • Project time tracking – Assign hours to specific projects and clients.
  • Notifications and alerts – Receive notifications for missed clock-ins, unapproved OT etc.
  • Reporting – Custom reports for payroll, invoicing, capacity planning and compliance.
  • Integration capabilities – APIs and integrations with payroll, accounting, HRIS and other software.
  • Accessible from anywhere – Employees can clock in remotely via web and mobile apps.

Implementing Timekeeping Software for HR

Follow these best practices when rolling out new time and attendance software:

Involve stakeholders early – HR, executives, managers and employees should provide input.

Set configuration guidelines – Determine rules for overtime, time-off accrual, notifications etc.

Train employees and managers – Provide resources and guides on using the software.

Start with a pilot group – Test with a small group first to work out any issues.

Monitor adoption – Check usage analytics to ensure employees are utilising the software.

Continue iterating – Use feedback to tweak configurations and enhance adoption.

With the right time and attendance software, HR teams can achieve huge time savings, greater accuracy, and actionable insights – while being fully compliant. Taking the time to find and implement a solution that best fits your needs will provide long-term dividends through optimised workforce management.


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